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Restore and renew your love for the work that you do

Gain new skills that empower you, and create happiness in your life.

Achieve amazing results beyond what you had imagined up until now

Have the ability to amaze patients by helping to restore their health after nothing else they had tried worked. These thrilled clients become walking advertisements for you.

Gain a higher level of CONFIDENCE in your ability to help your patients heal

Your confidence in healing will skyrocket from this training, period.

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"Best decision I have made in over 20 years of practice, and the most cost effective! I can't imagine practicing any other way. "

Dr. Melissa Arnold
Total Wellness Solutions, Atlanta GA

"The real deal, true holistic health care. Body, mind, soul, can't get enough. If you're looking to grow as a healer and learn a timeless healing art, this is it. "

Dr. Joshua Longo
Longo Chiropractic, Lincoln CA

"If you want to practice chiropractic as it was intended to be, true and authentic, problems outside of back pain yet inclusive of back pain, a true health care system in and out of itself, go train with Dr. Pete! "

Dr. Frank DiLollo
DiLollo Chiropractic, Scotch Plains NJ

"Are you ready to make a BIG change? More patients, fantastic results. This is your opportunity to really heal your patients. It doesn't matter if you've been in practice for 1 year or 40 years. It can only make you a better healer who can treat conditions that others wouldn't even think of treating."

Dr. Kaveh Elahiyoun
Optimal Care Wellness, Winnipeg Canada

"There's something about seeing Dr. Pete heal person after person with quickness and ease. It takes the theory out of it and turns faith into a state of knowingness. Experiencing this first hand magnified my results significantly."

Dr. Michael Hecker
Dr. Michael Hecker Chiropractic, Milwaukee WI

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